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That´s me !^^
Live in Peace!^^ :-) :D 誰かを助けるのに 理由がいるかい?
  • That´s me !^^
  • ô.ô

mfg_taba is

28, Kassel, Germany (Hessen)


Looking for...

Female between 18 - 24

Ethnicity White / Caucasian   Ethnicity Japanese, White / Caucasian
Relationship Single   Language English, Japanese, German, Others
Language English, Japanese, German   Looking for Casual dating partner
Occupation Transportation     Meaningful relationship partner
Education High School Diploma     PenPal
Horoscope Taurus     Practice Conversation
Height 190 cm (6'3")     Share Travel Experience
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)     Teach a Language
BodyType Perfect for my height     Travel Companion
Personal Style Quiet but interesting     Share a Common Interest
Kids I don't have any kids     Learn a Language
Religion Christian     Culture Exchange
Smoke I don't smoke    
Drink I drink socially

Group Participation

Video Game Lovers

About Me

If you want know more about me, just contact me! :D


In My Own Words

What Would My Friends Say About Me?
I hardly know! Seriously! Probably that I´m a good friend and, most of all, I´m a happy person!!!^^ :D
What Makes Me Happy?
When I see other happy people, especially girls!^^ + When I finished something! :-)
What Makes Me Upset Or Frustrated?
When I CAN`T finish a thing! >______<
What Do I Find Sexy?
Girls, ^^ with glasses! :D 8-) ;-)
Favorite Movies
The Lord Of The Rings!!! Because it´s from the best book existed!!! :D 8-)
+ Jumper!! (the Second Best Book Series Ever!!) 8-) \o/
Favorite Songs
All Songs of Rammstein!!!! :D 8-)
Favorite Animals
Dogs (doggies), cats (kitties)! Because their just cute!! :-)
+ Mogrys!!クポ❢ xD
Favorite Books
+ Jumper (the whole series)
Favorite Games
Favorite Activities
Reading, Studying, Gaming, ...
Biology^^ [Neuro-, Evolutionary -, Micro -] ;-)
Psychology ;-) (e.g. Forensic^^)
Admire People
All Final Fantasy Characters!!^^ ;-) Treebeard & Tom Bombadil! :-)
Favorite Athletes
(Not an Athlete, but an Artist) Nobuo Uematsu!!! 8-)
Favorite Teams
German National Football Team, Japanese National Football Team, Besaid Aurochs^^
My Ideal Match
A nice girl in (nearly) my age :-)
My Ideal Date
Maybe going to the cinema or go eating in a restaurant or something else.


Language Want To Learn
Japanese (complete), Quenya, Sindarin, (New!) Entish, Klingon, Sign Leids^^
So, well, The total of EVERY LEID in the World!!! XD \o/
Years Learning Foreign Language
Have You Lived Overseas? For How Long?
Not yet! :-) Only for Vacations and only in the Neighbour countries of Germany!
(except for one vacation in Scotland^^ and Sweden! :B)


I Would Like Traveling To...
Asia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, South, Macau, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Other
What I Like To Do On Vacation
Active & Explore
My Best Vacation Was
The every-year journeys with the YMCA!!!
My Dream Vacation Would Be
Well, going to Cornelia, Midgar, Luca (etc..) would be great!!^^ (But I know, it´s impossible! :( ) ;-) :D

My Recent Activities